Dolomiti Wellness Music by Capitanata - Wellness Music

Dolomiti Wellness Music by Capitanata

   1. Fly Love   5,13
   2. Puja  4,39
   3. Kalterer See  4,48
   4. Rosengarten Blue  7,12
   5. Gold Vibration of Love and Life  5,15
   6. Presence of Angels   6,00
   7. Incantation Valley  8,02
   8. Love Piano 4,08
   9. Riva  6,02
  10. Sacred Door  5,53

Music Composed Arranged and Produced by: S. Capitanata
Capitanata: Keiboards,Organ, Sinth, Grand Piano
Normal Peale and Alberto Grollo:Guitar
Michael Conney: Percussion
Natural Sound recorded in Sudtirlol and Santorini
Anno 2009 Catalogo CapitanArt 048

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