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Ice cream is a food particularly welcome during the summer. There is no reason to deprive yourself, but you have to consume it carefully. Ice cream can be a rich snack or, if paired with fresh fruit and a dry biscuit or wafer, also a great mini-meal. If you have to control the calories you should choose fruit tastes but if you want a more nutritious meal you can eat the milk-based.

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A SPA among the stars of Cinema

Bené will sign wellness for cinema stars at the next Cinema Exhibition in Venice.
Bené is the protagonist of one of the most famous and exclusive social life events in the world: the Cinema Exhibition in Venice.

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Who drinks milk lives longer!

Milk is a real long life elixir! Come and discover the mountain milk.
A study made by the Reading, Cardiff and Bristol Universities, has shown up that who drinks milk every day, has its own death risk reduced by 15-20%...

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Ecological wellness age

For all those who want to get in shape and feel beautiful in natural environments. The use of wood as symbol of naturalness tendency in everything: either in the locals or in products used in some of the dolomitic wellness centers.

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Saffron for your sight

A saffron stigma a day keeps the eye doctor away. A team from Aquila University has found that saffron has the property to block the death of the eye cells and thus to slow down typical senior disease development as for example the pigmentous retinite.

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Crystal energy

The stones' vibrations interact with our energy system by setting it back into equilibrium and harmony. The stones have their own energy and, in fact, it is considered by the crystaltherapie – an ancient tradition used for many years in Buddhist, Hinduism and Taoist healing practices.

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Skiers and mountain climbers, do protect your skin!

Who does outdoor sports should protect himself from risks connected to solar UV rays exposition: an American study has, in fact, discovered that for those persons the risk of skin diseases is much higher.

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Save your shape and heart

Healthy feeling goes together with healthy eating. More and more diseases are cured and prevented by a healthy diet. The nature offers us many efficient allies for our health. Better eating for better feeling...



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Italy's stunning Dolomite mountains have been declared a United Nations World Heritage Site. The nine Dolomite mountain groups, spanning 142,000 hectares and given 85 hectares of border areas for a total of 231,000 hectares, are spread over fiveprovinces: Trento, Bolzano, Belluno, Pordenone and Udine.

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Ethno chic, now dominant in all the proposals for the spring and summer fashion 2012, will spread also the make up...

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Couple with young children increasingly choose a beauty holiday. To meet this trend, some structures are now equipped, baby are welcome and hotels are transformed into an enchanted world for children, with spas offering massages, facial and body treatments for children.

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The art of organizing spaces for better fit can be applied also in outdoor areas.

Feng Shui allows to balance spaces' energy in a dwelling. Not only the inland areas, but also outdoor ones...

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According to the last reearch, developed by a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the Medical Research Council, it's possible to put together most correct behaviors for a most longer life.

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The food pyramid is qualitative guide which give us an idea of which kind of foods we habe to prefer for our diet. It is based on the definition of Vitality Quantity (QB) both for food and for physical activity. Vitality Quantity of food and movement, if properly adapted to the needs of the every person, can guide the way of life to arrive to a balance between food consumption and energy expenditure.

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To keep fit yourself, the main word is walking! Doctors prescribe walking for 30 minutes a day for those who want to feel good and for this reason the experts have made the walk a fashion that passions thousands of people all around the world and of all ages.

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Is your skin tired and stressed? Use only simple and natural ingredients to make it blooms again ....

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It's really difficult to maintain a good lifestyle staying in balance with nature and technology. But both trends are good...

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Products that can improve the quality of life, biological products, natural cosmetics. Wellness is more than ever green, married with ecology for a return to nature, to an essential, genuine, happy and sustainable well-being. ...

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