The garden should be a natural environment in harmony with the laws of the universe, where you can find well-being and harmony. The fundamental forces to which Feng Shui refers in nature and which have a dominant role are the Yin and Yang, two opposites who attract.

The perimeter of the garden must be smooth. The driveway leading to the entry must be soft and sinuous, so that energy can fluctuate with sweetness.




Plants, symbol of strength and vitality, protect from the outside, away smog, noise, traffic. Bamboo, in particular, is considered beneficial, a bearer of good fortune, long-life elixir. He just leaves and creates a few areas of shade. Must be placed to the north-east.




To beautify the garden and make it smooth, as well as flowers and plants, you can enter the stone, wood and metal .. Green light to fountains with some fish, a good omen for people in search of plenty.

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