Wellness Guide



Mineral water

Waters with residual mineral of less than 500 mg per liter. Recommended for the treatment of bile-stones, piorrea and gout. Could have a diuretic effect.


Mountain's Arnica

Belonging to the family of Compositae, the same of the sunflowers, it's used to reduce bruises and wounds caused by physical trauma such as falls and blows. Can be applied in cream, gel, balm or dyeing; can also be thought for internal use.

Well known to the Native Americans and all the european population for centuries, Arnica was firstly described in the sixteenth century by the naturalist Tabernae Montanus, who gave it its current name. Arnica is a good homeopathic remedy.


Olfactory stimulation using essential and scented oils, which cause a beneficial help to rebalance mental and physical condition. Usually combined with a massage.


Indian traditional medicine. "Ayur" means life and "Veda" means knowledge - "science of life." Ayurveda is a philosophy aims to restore harmony between people and the environment. That's because our bodies are part of a large set that must be corrected and cured. Ayurveda consists of various substances to be taken and different exercises according to the state of health, for example typically yoga positions and techniques of deep breathing.

Hay baths

An immersion in fresh grass during the process of fermentation, and when the temperature reaches values between 40 ° and 70 °, stimulating a strong sweating that lasts for 3-4 hours after treatment. The draft has an initial duration of 15-20 minutes, until you come gradually to 30 °. Finally, person is wrapped in blankets and placed for 40-60 minutes on a bed of reaction, located on a warm room. Hay bath gives a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. The skin becomes tonic thanks to the stimulation of the peripheral circulation and also smoother thanks to the purification due to perspiration and the absorption of active ingredients of the herbs contained in this mixture of herbs.

Turkish bath

Treatment made of in a hot and humid location of about 45-50 degrees and a humidity of 100%. Must be performed only when fasting. The turkish bath is a nudist area and you can enter only with a towel around the waist. This treatment creates anexpansion of blood vessels, promotes the elimination of toxins through the sweat and it's particularly useful if you have persistent flu and cold without fever.

Cleopatra Bath

This beauty treatment takes place through a whirlpool in a bathtub full of goat's milk, honey and oils from pure plant essential, which are designed to nourish the skin and to reduce the smell of milk. Ideal for people with arid and undernourished skin thanks to the nourishing and moisturizing goat milk which is particularly rich in fatty acids; also thanks to the vapors of the relaxing essential oils, this treatment gives a general sensation of relaxation.

Anti-cellulitis wraps

Beauty treatment to reduct or stop the cellulitis, thanks to the application of bandages soaked in specific formulations. Skin absorbs gradually the contents of the bandage which has a moderate and controlled compression to encourage drain.



Hammam's main part, usually made on a location with a domed ceiling to allow moisture to slide along the walls and fountains or pools of cold water to cool the skin. Calidarium has a moisture content of 100% and temperatures ranging from below, where the temperature is around 20-25 °, to high to reach around 45 ° C. You can stay into the calidarium for a maximum of 30 minutes, during which you'll alternate hot and fresh showers in order to activate the sweating.

Aesthetical Camouflage

Beauty treatment for temporary imperfections caused, for example, by an active phase of acne or as a result of plastic and/or aesthetics surgery. This is a therapeutic trick made with particularly opaque cosmetics.


Well known for its energetic properties, chestnut is rich in carbohydrates and it's recommended to those who practice sports or are subjected to stress. Thanks to the presence of sugar, chestnut is ideal for children allergic to cow's milk or lactose. But the chestnut, expecially the chestnut-tree, is also the protagonist of the welfare effects for its capability to revitalize and regenerate skin and capillaries.


Chakra means "wheel or spiral" and indicates, in ancient Indian tradition, all the 7 centers of the human body, located along the spine, in which all the energy channels of the body converge. Each chakra rotates at a certain speed, allowing the flow of energy in the channels and contributing to the smooth functioning of the entire body. Chakra act as coordinators of the body and of the mind and their task is to coordinate the reception, assimilation and distribution of energy.

Chocolate Treatments

Treatments that exploit all properties of Cocoa and Chocolate for the beauty and welfare of our body. Cocoa and Chocolate's multiple properties act both on the body and on the mind. Their aroma stimulates endorphins, hormones of well being, giving a feeling of relaxation. Cocoa butter's properties hydrates skin leaving it soft and smooth.

Sauna's bahaviour

Sauna is a ritual and the peaceful atmosphere is a fundamental requisite for this this treatment. You have to to speak using low voice and you must avoid sudden movements that could be annoying. Try to leave any negative emotions out of the sauna and relax yourself!

Therapy with crystals

This method acts on the 7 chakras (energy centers) through the application on the body, in issues related to the chakras, of crystal or stones. These minerals contain weak magnetic fields that allow you to rebalance the energy of your body.


This method works through light and colors to find the well-being and balance. The different shades of colors, red, blue, yellow, white ... issued by special lamps, are made of different electromagnetic frequencies which act on the various apparatuses and organs of the body.


This term is used to indicate the production of heat in living tissues by irradiation electromagnetic energy. It has been introduced by Nagelschimidt. Diathermic treatments currently use three different areas of frequency: long wave, short wave and microwave.

Scottish Shower

Hydrotherapy treatment which is made by an alternating jets of hot and cold water. Jets warm (38-40 °) lasting about 2 minutes, and throw cold (about 18 °) lasting 20 seconds or so, in order to stimulate the circulatory apparatus.

Tropical Shower

A light shower of water micro-spray enriched with essential oils and aromatic essences, useful to refresh body and maintain the exact level of hydration. You can assign the shower color effects produced by optical fibers and customized soundtrack thanks to MP3 to create a good environment that affect on your mind.


Smelling material produced by plants and stored as tiny oil droplets. Essences are contained in different parts of the plant: flowers, leaves, fruit's peel, wood, resin and roots. Once extracted and subjected to mixing with substances that enhance the action, they give rise to the essential oils.


Therapeutical practice which uses medicines with active substances made exclusively by a preparation plant. Vegetable preparations preceded the modern medicines. This practice is ideal for those wishing to exploit the effectiveness of herbal teas, decoctions, tinctures parent, blend, dried extracts, fluid extracts and suspensions, for the well-being and health of body and mind and their natural balance.

Salt caves

Salt caves are one of the most recent discoveries with regard to alternative medicine and the natural cure to many diseases. The idea was of a Polish doctor in the nineteenth, Dr Felix Boczkowski, who decided to conduct studies that confirmed a theory: the workers employed in the salt mines had better health not only of colleagues who worked in other mines but also of the average population at the time. Today the caves of salt are widely used in Europe and are built ad hoc to remind those of the salt mines in beauty, grandeur, charm, but expecially with regard to the beneficial effects due to salt, inspired or absorbed through the skin.


Hammam is the oriental version of the Roman thermae. It consists of several rooms: an entry-dressing (maslah), followed by the tepidarium and finally by the calidarium (full of hot and moist air). Full treatment provides a stay in the calidarium for up to 30 minutes, during which you will alternate showers of hot and fresh water and friction of the skin with special gloves. At the end you will spend a moment of relaxation in tepidarium to allow a gradual decrease in your body temperature. The treatment stimulates the immune, circulatory and respiratory system, makes the skin elastic and causes a sharp drop of stress and tension.


Bath in a tub that massages your body using jets of water enriched with a mixture of ozone and air. Achieved through multiple jets positioned near the muscle groups, allows a total relaxation, also thanks to absorption, through the skin, of trace elements and mineral salts dissolved into the water. This bath restores the circulation and contributes to tonify but it's also useful to prevent and combat cellulitis.

Lomi lomi

Massage technique of Hawaiian origins, which is based on the cyclicity and the grace of the waves. It can be done by one or two people and uses the hands and forearms mainly. Through a series of long and rhythmic movements, this massage relaxes the muscles and loosens the joints, resulting relaxing, invigorating and good for the circulation. It is often accompanied by oils and essences. Before the massage, hot stones are applied on the body to promote relaxation. This massage acts on the lymphatic  circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems but also on muscles and joints.

Lymphatic drain

This technique uses manual pumping to promote lymphatic circulation by increasing the velocity of flow, encouraging the reduction of swelling, removing toxins and fluids in eccess and stimulating the functioning of the systems' purification. It's particularly useful to reduce the sense of heaviness in the legs and to remove facial swelling but also to strength the immune system and to increase the resistance to infection.


Ancient form of therapy for relaxation and treatment of muscular and articular pains, to tone the volume of some tissues, but also to preserve and improve the psychological well-being by easing tensions and fatigues.

Massage with Tibetan bells

Particular massage which use Tibetan bells placed in various energy points. The bells are then touched and made play. Body soul and spirit are stimulated by the sound of the vibrations produced by the fine metal bowls. The sound of Tibetan bells are generated by different metals. Instruments are sound sensitive. For centuries they are produced in Asia with different methods. The purpose of massage with these particular bells is to stimulate and balance the energy centers.

Cranio-sacral massage

This technique has an holistic nature and it is practiced, with slight manipulation, on the bones of the skull and on the vertebral column, acting on a system, the skull-sacral, which is in connection with any part of the body. Treatment with this massage is able to bring benefits to all levels: from simple anti-stress, it may be able to rebalance posture, muscles, gastrointestinal apparatus and also to improve breathing. It is found suitable in the treatment of sciatica, the pain of birth trauma, whiplash, migraines, scoliosis, vertigo and problems on the mandibular articulation.

Handly massage

Since ancient times one or another form of massage or laying on of hands was used to heal or help the human being. Massage affects the whole body: nervous system, blood circulation, muscles, skeletal system, hormonal system, respiratory system and digestive system.

Kundalini massage

Kundalini means "snake" in Sanskrit. The nervous and mental energy placed in the bottom of the spine, through the massage, awakens and develops powers up all the chakras.

Pregnancy massage

Massage during pregnancy or prenatal massage is a practice that supports the needs of the body of the future mother during the various stages that precede the birth and not only in the presence of articular disorders.

Thai massage

Summary of the Siamese, Chinese and Indian tradition, this massage is influenced by other countries of Southeast Asia. It runs along the lines of energy (Sen) of the body and it's especially relaxing for its tendency to emphasize the lengthening muscle and articulate fluence; it causes a state of natural well-being and relieves the states of nervous tension and stress, stimulating the blood circulation and lymph, increasing the immune system, slowing the aging process, relieving fatigue and eliminating muscle cramps. Meetings are held on the ground, using a particular mattress.

Hot Stone massage

This treatment is performed with the help of 72 stones (54 black volcanic stones able to keep the heat and slowly transferred into contact with the skin, and 18 white and cold stones). Black stones are heated in water and salt and placed along the axis of the spine, firstly on his back and then on thestomach at the 7 chakras. The warmth made by the stones reactivates vital energy flow, creating a deep relaxation. It's used to improve circulation, dissolve the muscles, improve mobility and alleviate the tensions of the spine. It also prevents and combats water retention and helps to detoxify the body.


Shiatsu literally means "finger pressure" even if it includes pressure with thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows and sometimes with feet and knees. Pressure is applied along the energy lines of the body (meridians) to promote the vital flow of energy throughout the body and brings it back to a state of optimal health. It is particularly indicated in cases of anxiety, depression, breathing difficulties, accumulation of stress, insomnia, digestive problems, muscle tension and stress overload.


Natural therapy according which each body has its corresponding point on the map of the feet which, when asked, pushing itself on the main organ acting it to react with an automated and involuntary response. Reflexology is able to provide the functionality of the corresponding point in the stimulated foot. This technique facilitates the natural "self" of the body, also alleviating the symptoms of disease and restorating the entire body to a state of balance and harmony.


A medicine which can look into the human in all its complexity. It is not a scientific discipline but it defines a philosophical approach that seeks to see people in their entireness according to internal and external environment. An individual, and not the sum of parts, whether physical or mental, more or less sick. These are some of the cornerstones of holistic vision: Person and not disease; Cause and not Symptom; Systems and not organs; Person and environment; Rebalance rather than cure; Stimulate self-healing.


From the greek "hòmoios"-like-and "pathos"-suffering- Homeopathy is a therapeutic system based on the principle of similarity of the drug, according to which the appropriate remedy for a particular disease is that substance which, in a healthy person, induce symptoms similar to those seen in sick. The substance, also known as homeopathic principle, once identified, is administered in a highly diluted.


Treatment to polish and get better the appearance of the skin, known since antiquity. Several testimonies arrive from Egypt, Greece, Turkey, India and Babylon. There are a lot of substances used in this treatment: sulfur, pumice, mineral dust, powder plants and flowers, finely minced and mixed with substances and ingredients of plant origin.


This method is used, especially in Germany, mainly to treat blood circulation disorders and all related diseases. The treatment is based on the necessity to walk on a floor covered with pebbles in special tanks with water till half of the leg, alternating hot water and cold water. Alternating hot and cold put veins and capillaries to continuous expansions and contractions, and this acts as a genuine exercise for the blood vessels and the entire circulatory system.

Mugo pine

This plant is used in varoous ways. Useful in cases of colds and bronchitis, it's used for inhalations, simply putting 3-4 drops of oil in 2 liters of boiling water. Mugo pine is also used against cough. It's necessary to mix 2-3 drops of oil with a tablespoon of honey or to bring them on a sugar cube. In case of contusion, stretching, dislocation, muscle fatigue (lactic acid) and infections, mountain pine's oil is diluted with some olive oil or almond oil and rubbed well on the sore. Mountain pine oil can be also added as an additive in oil massage to increase blood circulation. Even in the sauna mugo pine is an infusion of well-known and well experienced. It's necessary to use approximately 5-10 drops for half a liter of water.

Facial cleansing

Basic treatment to remove surface skin impurities, dead cells and points blacks. Some factors enhance the cosmetic effect, such as humidity because this can broke the stratum corneum causing the dilatation of pores; the increase of skin temperature because it decreases the viscosity of the sebum and facilitates the removal of comedoni; vasodilatatio  because it stimulates the tissues' oxygenation.


Thermal path used to transpire and to eliminate, through the sweat, toxins and wastes from the skin. The temperature should reach between 80 ° to 90 ° C. You are advised to remain in the sauna about 10 minutes, then you'll exit to go in a shower with cold water to lower body temperature. Then, wrapped in a bathrobe, you must refrigerate your boby on a table. After about fifteen minutes you'll go again in the sauna for a second passage of about ten minutes. With sweat, you'll lose fluids and minerals. Sauna is a nudist area.
For the sauna you will need:

  • a large canvas for sitting or liying down
  • one or two towels to dry
  • a robe for the stage of rest
  • bath slippers



The most important symptom that characterizes the seborrheic and impure skin is the excessive secretion of sebum. Usually this disturb manifests itself during adolescence, affects both sexes and in most cases resolves spontaneously to 25 years. The care of these imperfections and/or skin diseases may include, in most cases, aesthetic - cosmetological treatments. In severe forms could be necessary a drug therapy and/or treatments of medical relevance.

Qui Gong

Ancient Chinese exercise, a Taoist approach that strengthens body, mind and spirit, helping the vital energy - Qi - to flow freely throughout the body. Through the practice - Gong - of exercise and thanks to a deep breathing and concentration, it's possible to create the conditions to bring the proper nourishment throughout the body, obtaining subsidies and relaxation, calm, lucid and peace. The practice helps to prevent or dissolve energy blocks, stimulate circulation and increase resistance to stress with exercises.


From the combination of two Japanese words "rei" (universal energy) and "ki" (vital energy). This is a technique for stress reduction, relaxation and restoration of physical health through the use of the energy of the universe. It is often defined as a technique of self-healing, as it is used mainly on himself. Reiki helps to keep the body healthy by acting at all levels of human reality: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This treatment improves the attitude of the person, helps to remove too old emotional trauma, helps to be more positive and optimistic, restores emotional harmony and spiritual well-being, and rebalances the energy.

Sauna's rules

There are no universal rules. The most important think is that you feel well.

A complete sauna lasts at least two hours! Remember that sauna is to relax. If you run, end up tired your body, instead of regenerating.
You mustn't be fasting or with full stomach
Before entering into the cabin, get a shower. Since dry skin sweats more easily, it is important that you dry after being washed.
In the cabin, it's necessary to place a towel under you so you do not stay in direct contact with the bench. Meeting should be brief but effective, and therefore, if you can, you must sit immediately on the bench or on the intermediate top.

Do not immediately rush to make a cold shower or to immerse in cold water bath. Since your body at this moment needs oxygen, it is preferable to begin the phase of cooling in the open air.
after the stage of sweating, your body needs to rest. The phase of rest should last at least 20-40 minutes. Take a a warm robe and go on a bed in the private area to relax.
Remember to drink so much to compensate the loss of fluids due to strong perspiration.

In order to not impair the effectiveness of the sauna and to avoid negative reactions of the cardiovascular system, it is advisable to avoid physical activity after a sauna session. A massage performed in a bathroom and the other, or at the end of the session, however, can enhance the effect of a relaxing sauna.

Abbreviation of the Latin phrase Salus per aquam, "Health by water", in the anqtiquity it served to show the members to the care of water, the baths. The new trends are related to the thermal balance mind, the preservation of beauty, and for this reason they offer a wider range of services: massage and holistic therapies, beauty treatments, yoga, meditation and all that may be helpful to achieve physical and mental well-being.


Treatments that use those elements useful for human health arising from climate and the marine environment: sun-bathing and sea, sand, mud, aerosols and packs of algae. In addition to being a cure for the most common breathing problems, it is also used for skin problems and pain of the osteo-articular. Also it has applications in the field of beauty for the treatment of localized fat and fluid stagnation.


Born in the ancient Rome, they were very similar to "hammam", a path of environments with different temperatures and degrees of humidity. The modern spa, however, are divided into hot baths and cold baths with or without water and sulfur and they base their effectiveness on the therapeutic properties of water, which vary depending on the minerals dissolved in them. The treatments offered in spas are many: aerosol, baths, mud baths, irrigation, showers and nebulisation. Some waters may even be drunk.


They are sun's radiations, invisible to the human being, poorly filtered from the land (come on Earth up to 99% of UVA rays). Even if they are less harmful, they penetrate deeply into the skin, causing skin aging and, at high doses, burns. They cause the maturation of the melanin present in the cells which gives a color that lasts 2 or 3 days, with the function to give a fast and light protection of the skin to stimulate solar energy. In contrast, they can cause an alteration and destruction of collagen fibers contributing to the formation of wrinkles, alteration of the elastin fibers and in some cases the appearance of skin. blemishes.


UVB are the component of sunlight that stops on the skin and here is absorbed in few hours, causing the release of irritant molecules that give rise to the sunburn. They stimulate the production of melanin and are also involved in the process of pigmentation, that lasts approximately 20-25 days. This process (which is the suntan's basis) takes about 6-7 days to originate. UVB are also responsible for the dehydration of the skin, its thickening and an increased growth of hair, which is implemented as a defense mechanism.


These treatments use grapes in all thair forms and types. The benefits of the wine origins by the richness of polyphenol contained in grapes: they reinforce the microcirculation, increasing the resistance of blood vessels, prevent the destruction of hyaluronic acid and the glycol, protect the fibers of collagen and elastin. They also fight the formation of wrinkles thanks to the reinforcing and astringent. The processing of seeds and allows to realize creams and extracts fluid to be used in the treatment of sagging skin and cellulitis.

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